Brooklyn, see fish! New York Aquarium Review

An aquarium visit is like the kid-equivalent of that now-single Ex of yours coming to town for a 2-day business trip: a sure thing. There’s only so bad an aquarium can be, right? Yup… And the New York Aquarium, down by Coney Island, doesn’t disappoint.

You got yer walruses, penguins, otters… pretty much every major sea dude is present and the feedings are always a satisfying way to get your fun on. Me and Superkid skipped paying the extra cash for the optional “4-D” sea experience movie and were glad we did when we saw the long, flowing line of weary but paid-up-so-we-gotta-go patrons waiting to get into the smaller building that houses the theater.

Speaking of lines, BUY YOUR TICKETS ONLINE IN ADVANCE. This is a critical piece of info. SK urged me to do so as we perused the website online before leaving on our journey. I balked, having wanted to get going and we paid the price when we encountered the vast, billowing line spilling out like the massive throng of humanity stopped before the soon-to-part Red Sea in Ben Hur, a reference that arose in no small part due to the tremendous amount of Orthodox Jews visiting that day. Having a pre-purchased online ticket enabled the lucky visitors to skip the maze and saunter right in. In fairness, it was a MAJOR holiday (The 4th perhaps? I can’t remember for sure) and the crowds will surely not be so bad on most other days.

Parking was also a mess when we tried to go to the aquarium’s officially sanctioned lot. Cruising the surrounding blocks yielded much better results. The subway ride, as I remember from years past, is about 45 min from Williamsburg and not too bad also.

In summation, buy your tix online and skip the movie but definitely worth a visit.

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