FUNTOPIA: Hit or miss?

A tenth birthday party only comes once in a kid’s lifetime.

So I made it a point to go easy on the drinking the night before and was only mildly late to pick up my son, his mother and two over-excited friends in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the quick drive to Funtopia in Queens last Sunday.

We first visited this family entertainment center (it’s not big enough to be called a complex) after seeing an ad on a bus and I still recall SuperDuperKid’s excitement in relaying the details afterwards:  “MOM!!! My dad took me to this place, it had EVERYTHING I love,” he’d gratifyingly gushed.

With tons of video games, a small bumper car station, a pretty cool laser tag set-up, and a swell, labyrinthine play-jungle area, it’s unlikely ANY kid will be disappointed. Playing the arcade games can win you tickets, which you can exchange for a prize from a huge supply of cheap crap, trading 800,000 tickets for, say, a Chinese finger trap. The kids love this sh*t.

If only they added turret-mounted water cannons...

As you can imagine, it ain’t cheap.

The final tally for our party, which included pizza for each of no more than eleven kids, ($18 per additional child after that), laser tag, a fun but slightly awkward  and mercifully short disco-dance and a bunch of video game tokens, came to $369.42. As a Woody Allen-esque Jew I couldn’t help but wonder how much it would have cost had I just paid single entry for the 8 or so kids who attended, rather than having bought a whole package-thingamajig. Still, a party is a party and going through the official channels conferred the event with a certain official importance. Plus, it’s hard to quantify the ecstatic happiness that SDK had as he frolicked and rejoiced with all his friends. Added bonus: A vending machine with clean socks and maxi-pads.

Official SuperDuperDad Yay or Nay Verdict: YAY.

Details: Do laser tag option and organize car pool since getting there without a vehicle looks like a pain in the butt. Skip all extras except  perhaps the 100 token/$20 deal, although we left with plenty of extras.

The contract to lease my car was less comprehensive...


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