Due to the sensitive personal nature of some of my postings I am choosing to remain anonymous. Suffice it to say I am a hip young(ish) Brooklyn dad with much to impart!

General introduction:

After much ballyhoo I have finally launched SuperDuperDad.com, the blog of the ultimate Brooklyn Dad.

This will be your one stop shop for all things urban and fatherly, with an initial focus on Brooklyn/NYC.  And yet…

I think any dad (or indeed, parent), from burnt out indie rock has-been to the baddest Bronx-born Bacchata-star to your classic harried Upper East side yuppie will get something from this site. Urban or not, there will be much here for the modern parent to learn from! Despite my flippant tone, it is the product of much love, thought and metro card use-age. If you’re looking for ideas on what to do with your kid today, tomorrow or next week then you’ve come to the right place, especially if you’re in NYC. And I’ll go beyond mere activities into thoughts, concepts and ideas that cover the whole modern parenting rainbow.

In fact, it’s safe to say I’ll be covering the entire human experience.

So grab your favorite leisure tool of choice (pipe, mug, beer or SIGG-bottle) and immerse yourself in parenthood!


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